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Atlantic unbundling



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    Sudden Wealth Curse

    10 months ago: Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, and the Netherland's Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, left, enter a hall for a signing of documents ceremony in the Moscow Kremlin, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2007, with Dutch gas company Nederlandse Gasunie NV President Marcel Kramer, right, in the background. Russian and Dutch officials signed an agreement Tuesday to include Dutch gas giant Nederlandse Gasunie NV in the Baltic Sea pipeline designed to bypass several European countries and ship Russian gas directly to Germany. 

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    By recapturing the democratic process, control over globalization and responsible development meaning renegociating the 1963 U.S.-imposed Gasunie contracts and constituating the Eurgasian single market just leaving the dollar to the global oil markets and guaranteeing real collaborative change, innovation and competition: only then we know who our real friends are!


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